Fear of Presenting.

75% of your employees have it.


Fear of presenting or public speaking affects 75% of us, at some level.  It is the top cause of anxiety in adults, beating even the fear of death or being struck by lightning.

That means your employees are inhibited when making presentations to your customers.

You could say they are scared to death.

We can help with that. 


Our Methodology

A Different Approach To

Presentation Skills Training

Verret & Associates is a presentation skills training consultancy that believes THERE IS NO BUSINESS WITHOUT SHOW BUSINESS ® No matter what business you are in, you are performing for your audience, whether you like it or not. Every person, regardless of personality type, has the potential to be an impactful and memorable performer when they present.  They just don't realize they have the capability. 

That's where we come in.  By tapping into your employees' Personal Performance Potential ®, we will show them how to access their potential and truly connect with their audience to deliver a memorable and engaging presentation.

For over 30 years, we have made businesses stronger by teaching their employees how to perform better. 

See what we can do for you.


Our Services

We offer select programs that are designed to make your employees more effective performers in front of an audience. Working with you to understand your needs, we can customize the programs appropriately.


Presentation Skills Workshop

Make Your Brand Memorable

So much time is wasted in meetings everyday because the presenters do not know what they need to do to capture the minds of the audience. They cannot make the audience listen to and absorb the information being presented.  The one-day Presentation Skills Workshop provides a tested, successful way for any company to increase productivity, and close more sales . The program benefits employers, employees, and clients. Your presentations will be more professional, and more interesting for your clients and prospects.  The participants, working together in small groups, will get a picture of what most meetings and presentations look like to an outsider, and they will see how style and passion can transform any presentation into a memorable “performance.” Using video feedback and peer review, each participant learns just how good he or she can be as they discover their Personal Performance Potential ® .

Rehearsal Coaching

Real-World Presentation Development and Preparation

While the workshop teaches your employees how to perform for an audience, these in-office day-long sessions offer a forum to review actual materials they have to present.  We will work hands-on with your team to ensure they are prepared and ready to deliver an engaging performance.  The coaching sessions are ideal prior to a big sales pitch or presentation as they instill confidence and familiarity with the material and ensure a memorable experience for your audience.

Management Coaching

Leadership Presentation Preparation and Performance

For senior management, Verret & Associates can help you perform at your best. Whether it is a board presentation, a pitch to a key client, an update to your shareholders, or even if you just need a way to deal with your anxiety before you take the stage...we can help with that. 
We will help you develop your presentation, prepare your message for your audience and show you how to calm your nerves leading up to the engagement. Whatever your needs, the end result will be a truly effective and impactful performance that will leave even your most challenging  audiences feeling engaged, informed and entertained.

Who We Are


John Verret


I have been creating programs designed to train and develop personnel for advertising agencies and their clients since 1981.  I realized that, when presenting our work to clients, it was not just what we said, but how we said it that helped clients understand our proposals. They didn’t need to see a presentation of our work.  They needed to be engaged.  They needed a performance.  It made us, and our work, memorable.  I made that my guiding principle and it has been my calling card for my 48 years of marketing communications experience in the areas of consumer products and services, and business-to-business advertising. I have a wealth of experience in advertising agency management, having held the positions of President CEO, Executive Vice President COO and Senior Vice President. I was a partner, President, and co-owner of Arnold Communications (now Arnold WorldWide) until 1996, when I sold my interest in the agency. I then began creating specialized training programs for business professionals across all disciplines. 

I also began a 20 year career as an Associate Professor at Boston University's College of Communication, teaching Advertising Management, Strategic Brand Solutions, and Co-Directing AdLab, the oldest and largest student run advertising agency in the country.

Michael Verret


I am proof that this approach works.  Severe social anxiety has plagued me my entire adult life,  and it was always most evident when I had to speak in front of an audience.  I would freeze up, forget what I needed to say and I felt horrible about myself after every presentation. Then I began attending my father’s workshops to operate the video camera for him, and it was truly a game changer for my career. I immediately adopted his philosophy and it is how I approach presenting to any audience.  Today, I have more than 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing, and my presentation and public speaking abilities are the hallmark of my career to date. Simply put, my father’s approach taught me how to understand an audience and deliver my message in a way they won’t soon forget. I spent 13 years in the agency world as a client services specialist before joining Hasbro Toys and Games on the global marketing team where I developed marketing and retail programs for brands like Transformers, Tonka Trucks and Jurassic World. Since 2015, I was the face of the Hasbro Gaming franchise, with the charge to establish the personality, attitude and style of the Hasbro Gaming portfolio by being an impactful, influential presenter and speaker.  I have presented to audiences in the US, Hong Kong, India, Germany and the UK, as well as to Hasbro’s entire organization at the annual Global Sales and Marketing Summit. I assure you every one of these audiences remembers me for not just what I say, but how I say it.  After 20 years of real-world experience in front of real audiences, I am happy to join Verret & Associates and share my experience with you!



In my business, presentation skills and comfort with both one’s ability to speak in front of others as well as read a room are critical elements of success. I have known John for almost 30 years. I have worked with John, pitched with John and I can unequivocally say he is the best I have ever seen. Today I regularly hire John to do for others what he did for me. He elevates self-confidence like no other and impresses on my people the importance of engagement and showmanship. The best.

Mike’s skills transcend presenting in the traditional sense - He is a showman. In my time working for and with Mike, he taught me that every presentation is an opportunity to tell a story, to entertain, and to influence. He was a great influence himself on my career and I would recommend working with him if you have to present in any capacity.

Steve Connelly

Connelly Partners

Peter Bognanno

Hasbro Toys & Games

John led a fun, dynamic workshop for our marketing organization that taught us how to use our unique style to effectively convey our message and engage with our audience. John is a wonderful story teller and a great teacher and I highly recommend him and his workshop.

Having a history of fainting when presenting to an audience, Mike taught me impactful speaking techniques that made all future work presentations seem effortless. I felt more confident in my deliverables and less nervous before and during my presentations. The skills learned are not only applicable at work but I also use them in my daily communication outside the office. Thanks, Mike Verret, for teaching me to “train my butterflies” and set me up for success!

Azadeh Fathi

Liberty Mutual

Stephanie Mattioli

Hasbro Toys & Games

For the past 12 years, John has led a Presentation Skills Workshop for the Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS),  a 14 week training program sponsored by the American Association of Advertising Agencies aimed at young up-and-coming stars in the agency business.  Every year his student evaluations are off the charts—virtually perfect. The students love his sessions and come away with a renewed confidence in the art of selling.  John Newton, Director IAAS, New England.

Mike is an excellent teacher and speaker. He taught us how to think very differently about pitching and presenting to maximize our audience's engagement and distill our core message.  I can honestly say I am a much more well-rounded professional having received his training.

John Newton
Director, IAAS New England

Diya Sukh


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