Would You Like Me to Personally Help You Protect Your Business From The Number One Marketing Problem, and Increase Audience Engagement at The Same Time?

Let me show you the EXACT step by step system I used to fix my marketing issues for good, so you can implement it and start protecting your business from wasting money – even if you have no marketing budget, no expertise, or you’re just starting a business from scratch.


👉 Imagine waking up one morning and knowing your ideal customers will be eager to work with you…

The best part is you didn't have to actively offer an incentive, and won't have to worry about them leaving to join your competitor. That means your clients are 100% behind you.

And better than that…

👉 Imagine new customers lining up to work with you, wanting you to do more and more business with them!

And these aren’t just any customers, they’re the ones with the budgets that will take your business to the next level.

And even better than that…

👉 Imagine feeling secure knowing your business is bringing in more money, working with bigger contracts - all because you know how to communicate with your audience.

And you don’t even need to spend a fortune on fancy marketing campaigns, or compete for the number one spot on Google. You can just walk into a room, capture everyone’s attention, and walk away with everyone wanting to know more. 


How would your business be different now?

For some of you, it could mean you can finally kick back and take that well deserved vacation while you let your team do what they do best, without having to worry about communication problems.

Or, it could mean everyone on your team can generate new leads while your best team members take on those larger jobs with a larger profit margin.

Regardless of what you can do without worrying about messaging problems, one thing is for certain…

You will NEVER have to worry about where you will find new clients because you’re now able to fill your sales filter whenever you open your mouth.

Hi, I’m Mike.

Founder of Verret and Associates.

And if you’re wondering whether the scenario I just

described is really possible for you, I understand exactly how you feel because it wasn’t long ago that I felt the same way…


In fact, just like you I was also searching for ways to make my business stand out, and it’s why I mastered the art of the pitch.

My desire to fix my own messaging issues grew so strong that I spent hundreds of hours learning about my audience, looking for anything that would give me that edge I needed.

After spending 4 years as the Face of Hasbro Games, and living at the heart of “Money-Led Marketing,” I realized that it’s important to learn how to talk about yourself. Otherwise you will never get results.

When your message isn’t clear, your marketing budget will never be enough.

And after everything that I’ve been through at Hasbro, the last thing I want is to run million dollar campaigns and worry about marketing budgets ever AGAIN.

Over my career I’ve worked marketing triage on countless campaigns, and even saved Hollywood Blockbusters from PR disasters.

But I wasn’t happy, because the corporate lifestyle costs you your creative freedom.

So, I made the decision to do it the hard way and set out alone.

And this turned out to be the BEST decision I’ve ever made in my life.

In 2019, I founded Verret and Associates, to share everything that I’ve learned and done to fix my marketing problems and achieve freedom from the corporate life.

But it wasn’t like I was new to the industry.

When I first became a marketer, I was clueless as well.

“What does my audience want to hear?”

“How much will I need to spend on a marketing campaign?”

“What do I need to do to connect with customers?”

“How can I use this knowledge to help others like me?”

Maybe you feel the same way I did back then.

But I want to tell you it’s perfectly normal to worry about marketing and how it will affect your business.

Although I learned how to market big brands with global audiences, I started to find it difficult to help smaller businesses understand how to get out of their own heads.

No matter what I tried, people just didn’t want to listen.

And just as I was about to give up, I talked to an old friend who said:

“Every business owner struggles to talk to their audience., You just need to listen to everything they say and give them an interesting sentence to sum it all up”

And then it hit me – I had been trying to figure out how to get people to think about messaging. All the while I was ignoring the real issue businesses face: How do they get their audience to ask for more details? 

That was why I was struggling.

You see, in business you have to be first, best or different in the eyes of your audience. I had previously been working with the best, those that can throw money at problems until they go away. 

What everyone else needs is to learn how to be DIFFERENT.

After I realized that, I decided to commit myself to mastering the art of different, and fully immersed myself in the history of marketing’s greatest messages, taking inspiration from the past masters, and surprisingly Hollywood had the answer.

If I could teach business owners to use the same techniques of those aspiring script writers pitching to producers, then they could just do what they do best… and their audience would eat it all up.

So that’s what I did.

I talked to the different experts in my field, used my connections and built a company that uses their knowledge to help others solve their communication problems, and best of all I would be working for myself doing something that I love.

With each expert I talked to, and business leader I listened to, the more I understood about what makes a good message.

I learned how to develop elevator pitches that made everyone ask for more.

That and my message can be summed up in one sentence:

“I teach you how to talk about your business”

And now, I want to provide you with the opportunity to have everyone ask for more, too.

3 Biggest Myths About Messaging

MYTH 1: “My services speak for themselves., I don’t need to put them into context as my audience already knows what I’m talking about.”

When introducing yourself at a networking event or developing a landing page for your website, it’s common to open with a sales pitch.


You get it stuck in your head that a well-oiled sales pitch will drive your business forward, yet you tend to roll your eyes when other business owners do the same thing.


So, don’t.


It doesn’t work, and subconsciously you already know that.


If you ever ask yourself why it doesn’t work, the answer is simple. It puts your audience in the wrong place.

Imagine you’re a printing company, and your services are printing services, book binding, etc. Its pretty straight forward. You don’t need to regurgitate endless details about the process or your services. What you need is a simple sentence to communicate your message.

“We print your business for you”

Now your audience has everything they need to know about you. They will remember you as the printing guy. That’s what you want, that’s a connection that gives your services CONTEXT.

Without that context your services won’t have the same meaning to your audience as they will have to YOU. Without the context you’re effectively keeping them FROM paying attention to your services. You won’t stand out, as like everyone else you’re just listing off services.

Your Message is about building a connection to their CHALLENGE first. They need something printed they can’t do in-house, and they are looking for someone else to print it for them. 

“We print your business for you” ticks all the boxes in their mind, as you’ve created the meaning of why your service is good for them through their own lens

NOW you have their attention, and you look DIFFERENT in their eyes.

Myth #2: Data Science as a Reaction

Businesses spend an amazing amount of time thinking about how to reach an audience that uses Google to find what it needs.

The result is things like SEO and SEM. “If we can be at the TOP of the results, we will have the best chance of success.”

What you do not consider is this…

You are 1 of about 100 results that came up on a search. 

The audience just has to move the mouse from the “back” button to the next result.

This means they are operating on “First impressions” not “First seen.”

This has nothing to do with “data science” and everything to do with human tendency.

No matter what business we are in, we are human FIRST.

And we digest information as humans do. Not as businesses do.

So, if you are putting all your effort into data scientists and SEO firms, you should REALLY make sure the message they are drawing attention to does what it is supposed to do!

Myth #3: The “About Us” Phenomenon

I meet with about 40 people a week to talk about their message.


The initial call always involves me checking their website. And I ALWAYS find the right message that they SHOULD be leveraging in the same place.


The “About Us” section.


Think about this…when you create your website, you gravitate towards your services as the most important thing to show them. HOWEVER, if that is what everyone else they see is doing, then you have effectively lost your point of difference.


BUT…take a look at the WHY for what you do.


There is a reason that you got into the business, and you typically feel the best place to talk about that is in the “About Us” section.


Did you know that the very purpose for why you are doing what you do is exactly the point of difference you need to show your audience?  


Example: You are in the business of selling sunscreen to avoid getting a sunburn at the beach. So you lead your website with “here are the sunscreens we sell.” But your “About Us” section clearly states the #1 cause of skin cancer is direct sunlight without protection. 


Why would you NOT want to tell them that?


Is that not what the sunscreen that you sell is meant to do?


Isn’t being safe the reason you have that message in your About Us section?


It speaks to WHY you are selling sunscreen. And that is important for your audience to know…ESPECIALLY if everyone else is just selling sunscreen products. 


Look at the About Us section and you will start to see that your point of Connection is buried!

Now, let me ask you this…

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could increase your profits, get everyone talking about your brand, attract high paying clients, and turn every conversation into lead generation?

And even better than all that…

Wouldn’t it be extremely valuable if you could not only rid your business of marketing problems, but also have every department effectively convert sales?


The Elevator Pitch

Construction Course

My Flagship Online Program Specifically

Designed To Help You And Your Business

Make A Lack Of Audience Engagement A

Thing Of The Past, Saving You Thousands

Of Dollars In Failed Marketing Campaigns

Every Year.

When I first set out in branding, I had no idea how much time, and money companies whandhere losing by using the wrong elevator pitch.

On top of that, I was making simple mistakes every day that were costing me business.

But through years of dedication, working with the big brands, and using their resources to search for what you need to do to truly connect with your audience, I was able to develop a process that not only solves the problem, but can be delivered remotely.

With the Elevator Pitch Construction Course, your business will Never have to suffer the costs of bad marketing again, and will you learn how to avoid making the mistakes I made.


I will literally take you by the hand and give you everything you will need to solve the problem permanently, and start consistently bringing in new clients every single month.

You see, what you don’t need is a fancy marketing campaign, SEO optimization, or a weekly blog that no one reads, and you don’t need a one-size-fits-all pay per click campaign that doesn’t help you get any actual results…


Instead, what you need is a program designed to meet the needs of you and your business, built using Hollywood’s secret formula. 


A program run by an expert who will tell you EXACTLY what to do every step of the way to make bad marketing and the cost that come with it a thing of the past.


And that’s what my elevator construction course is all about.

So, here’s exactly what we will be working on together in this program.

👉You will learn how to produce a message that addresses your specific audience and can be tailored to each aspect of your marketing.

👉You will learn how to produce a fully customized elevator pitch using the "8-Floor Principle" that connects with your audience on multiple levels.

👉Each student will be able to submit their message to me and get a breakdown of what is wrong, feedback on what your audience sees, and the benefits you will gain by targeting them…

👉 Everyone who joins the course will get invited to a monthly Elevator Repair Workshop  where you can test your pitch and make adjustments in a supportive atmosphere…

👉 And much, much more…

But that’s not all you get when you sign up for my Elevator Construction Course…

Bonus #1
"Brand You” Presentation Skills
Survival Guide
(Value $500)

You have your message, now you have to deliver it. And presenting is TERRIFYING for everyone. 

But it doesn’t have to be. Within this Survival Guide, you will learn how to connect with your audience, direct them through your message and project the right “YOU” to them.

The “Brand You” platform was first introduced in 1996 as a tool for businesses to better tell their stories when the time comes to impress your audience. It has now evolved into a philosophy and approach that gets your Butterflies to Fly In Formation when the big moment comes to tell that story.

Bonus #2
Your Brand Blueprint vs. your Audience Blueprint: How to Translate Your Brand to Your Audience. ($200 value)

This quick-to-apply process is a game changer that shows your business everything you need to know to better communicate with your audience.

The truth is, a business always thinks like a business, but every audience thinks like a human.

If you can’t translate your language to their terms, they will not connect with your brand.

This simple tool will help you quickly assess if your brand is speaking to your audience the right way.

From understanding the importance of being able to talk to your audience, to how you translate your INTERNAL brand message to the EXTERNAL customer without losing what makes you you. 

Bonus #3
Elevator Pitch “Cheat Sheet”
($100 Value)

This quick-reference tool ensures you ace every message you create moving forward.


Print it and post it next to your computer. 


The POWER of this sheet works 5-fold:

  1. You will be able to create new, better elevator pitches faster than ever.

    2. The proven process can be applied to any

presentation, pitch or meeting.


                 3. You can share it with your team so everyone can hone their                        pitches, keeping your message at the heart but still adding that                                                           personal touch.

                   4. You apply the same process to develop landing pages, and                     marketing campaigns that get your audience asking to know more.

                 5. Use it to follow the “Elevator Conversation” architecture you                     learned in the course and you will save countless hours and dollars on marketing in the future.


That’s right, a single cheat sheet that saves you and your team tons of time and effort, that can be applied any situation where communication is a priority.

Why the Elevator

Construction Course?

Here are 3 key benefits.

Key Benefit #1:
Everyone will want to hear more.

The worst-case scenario for any marketing campaign is that you spend thousands of dollars and get no interest, which leads to you having to spend thousands more just to recover your investment,

Fortunately, when you know how to produce a world class elevator pitch it costs you nothing to use it in every aspect of your business, and every single person in your company will know how to get everyone they speak to say "tell me more."

Unless you’re like McDonald’s and can outspend all of your competitors with multimillion-dollar marketing budgets then you need to have a message that gets people to invest in your vision,

See, when you develop a pitch based on leading your audience on a journey where they ask questions that gradually lead them through each of the levels, they become invested in you and your brand.

The elevator construction course teaches you how to craft a pitch you can use in every part of your sales filter, that grabs your audience’s interest and convinces them to take that elevation all the way to the penthouse.

Key Benefit #2

As long as you’ve registered on the course you will be invited to my monthly Elevator Repair workshops where you, and others like you can constantly network with each other, practice your pitches and master your message means whenever you have a problem, I am just one workshop away.


You will have access to me and my knowledge every month for as long as you want to attend.

So, you can sleep at night knowing that you will NEVER have to worry about what to do if changes within your market lead to your pitch becoming obsolete.

Key Benefit #3
It’s much more affordable than pay to click

The elevator construction course is much more cost effective than constantly investing in new pay per click campaigns that drain your budget and fail to deliver results. 

MY course is only $499 ($300 pre-sale for beta testers) and you get access to the mind that saved Jurassic World from making a mistake that would have tanked the franchise.

But, the program saves you even more money in the long term, after all the best elevator pitches can be applied to every aspect of your marketing, from landing pages to client journeys.

This program is NOT right for you if:

  • You do NOT mind wasting time doing the research for yourself, and don’t want someone who has been there, done that guide you every step of the way.

  • You do NOT want to put the time and effort in to develop a message that works. This is not a quick fix or box ticking operation. If you want the results you have to do the work.

  • You do NOT want to follow instructions and don’t implement the proven structure that I give you. Then working with me is just wasting your time and money.

This program is RIGHT for you if:

  • You are tired of struggling with audience engagement and want to be told exactly what to do to fix it without any guess work your end.

  • You want to stop your marketing budget being flushed down the toilet.

  • You are a company dedicated to your own success, and are willing to work to build a successful and profitable messaging strategy.

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✅ Bonus #1 ”Brand You” Presentation Skills Survival Guide (Value $500)

✅ Bonus #2 Your Brand Blueprint versus your Audience Blueprint: How to translate your brand to your audience. ($200 value)


✅ Bonus #3 Elevator Pitch “Cheat Sheet” ($100 Value)


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